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NeuroTek EMDR technology

  • Digital display shows counter and adjustment setting information.
  • Low battery indicator
  • Choose integrated tones, click, double click, and arcade auditory modes or supply your own audio source.
  • No longer limited to the few EMDR audio tape selections that are available. Use any audio selection you wish.
  • Easily connects to any audio source including iPods, CD, MP3 and cassette tape players.
  • Dual Modality - Use auditory or tactile stimulation independently or together for maximum benefit.
  • With the Deluxe Tac/AudioScan, you can even make your own bi-lateral recordings. See illustration below
  • Adjustments for volume, speed (rate) and tactile intensity.
  • All adjustments have calibrated dials for recording individual client preferences.
  • Indicator lights provide visual speed and auditory mode information.
  • Headphone and tactile pulser cable lengths are 6ft. long & may be extended with optional extender cables.
  • Soothing alternative to eye movements.
  • Prevents clinician fatigue.
  • Allows note-taking during EMDR administration.
  • Lowers distractions for client.
  • Use with visually-impaired clients or clients with a history of seizures.
  • Works great with children.
  • Comes complete with headphones, standard tactile pulsers, audio cable, carrying case, AC adapter and 9 volt battery.
  • Standard pulsers included or substitute Mega Pulser option available
  • Limited one year warranty.

What's the difference between the
Basic, Advanced and Deluxe models?
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The Deluxe Tac/AudioScan is only
2.4" x 4.4" x 1"

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NeuroTek, manufacturer of the world's best EMDR tools proudly introduces the Deluxe Tac/AudioScan™ the newest auditory plus tactile EMDR instrument. This incredible device includes all the features of our Advanced Tac/AudioScan and goes even further. We have added a digital display and low battery indicator to the already lengthy list of features you will only find available from NeuroTek Corporation.

Easy to control and use:
The speed, pulser intensity, volume adjustments, on/off and auditory mode controls for the Deluxe Tac/AudioScan™ are on the front of the unit allowing easy access. The headphones, tactile pulsers and external audio source connect on the top. Since the auditory and tactile stimulations are synchronized, the speed adjustment controls both tactile and audio rates. The pulser strength is infinitely adjustable from no intensity (completely off) to full, maximum strength. All adjustments have calibrated dials allowing the clinician to record each clients’ preferred settings. The oval shaped tactile pulsers are very small, only 1" wide by only 1.5" long and less than 1/2" thick. These small pulsers may be easily and comfortably held in the hands, placed in gloves or any other convenient place. Additionally, the pulsers may be attached to wrists, arms or legs using velcro straps or elastic exercise bands.
Digital Display: The Deluxe Tac/AudioScan now will display the count of each set. When you start a set the counter begins counting and keeps track of how many bi-lateral repetitions you have done. When you pause in between sessions the display holds the count of your last set. The counter automatically restarts at zero when you begin your next set. The digital display also shows you a digital reference setting of each of the control adjustments, speed, intensity and volume. This feature allows you to record precise settings of each client's preferences providing easy and fast setup for future appointments.

Low Battery Indicator: When your battery starts to reach it's end of life the 2 green indicator lights turn red, letting you know it is time to change the battery.

Unlimited audio choices synchronized with tactile stimulation:
This innovative EMDR instrument allows the clinician to administer EMDR by alternating any desired audio source to each ear via light-weight stereo headphones. Simultaneously, bilateral tactile stimulution may be utilized via very small vibrating pulsers. The compact design and highly integrated functions make the Deluxe Tac/AudioScan™ the most versatile, extremely portable and easiest to use EMDR product available anywhere.

New auditory modes give you the choices you need:
The integrated auditory functions include 4 selectable sounds; alternating tones, click, double click, and arcade modes (try the arcade mode with kids). Additionally, you can connect the Deluxe Tac/AudioScan™ to any audio source including CD players, iPods, MP3 players or even a radio and enjoy your favorite selections alternated at your choice of speeds. Best of all, your audio selection is synchronized with the alternating tactile stimulation for added benefit. Now you can administer EMDR using your client’s favorite songs, mood and inspirational music, self help recordings or even make your own self-help tapes directed specifically to the needs of each client.

Choose standard pulsers or new Mega Pulsers

Standard Pulsers
The Deluxe Tac/AudioScan comes with our standard tactile pulsers.
New lighted Mega Pulsers Or upgrade to our new Mega Pulser option for a slight additional charge.

Both the headphones and the tactile pulsers connect to the Deluxe Tac/AudioScan™ controller via 6 foot cords and small 3.5mm connectors. This allows you the choice of using both auditory and tactile together for maximum benefit or you may use the audio and tactile functions separately. For additional distances from the controller, both the headphones and the tactile pulsers may be connected using optional extender cables. Two green lights provide a visual indication of the selected speed. Four amber lights display internal audio modes when selected and an orange light indicates when the external audio source is selected. An AC adapter is included for operation from a permanent power source or use on battery power for total portability.

You can even make your own bi-lateral recordings:
By simply connecting a recording device to the headphone jack of the Deluxe Tac/AudioScan, you can record the alternating audio just as you would normally hear it when using the headphones. All you need is an extra audio interface cable for the tape recorder connection.

Order yours today:
The Deluxe Tac/AudioScan™ comes complete with headphones, tactile pulsers, audio source interface cable, AC adapter, carrying case and 9 volt battery. With hands-free administration of EMDR, the clinician is better able to closely observe the client’s behavior and take notes. The Deluxe Tac/AudioScan™ is an effective therapeutic tool and is only available from NeuroTek.

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Download Deluxe Tac/AudioScan Operating Instructions Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

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